Report Claims U.S. Businesses Waste $60 Billion Annually

United States businesses waste over $60 billion yearly on excess energy costs, offering a massive scope for the energy efficiency industry according to a new report.

The study from E Source, who provide unbiased advice and research to utilities and large energy users, reveals the figures after looking at the energy data across enterprises involved in healthcare, restaurants, retail, data centers, education, restaurants and government.

In their research E Source discovered that restaurants were the biggest offenders, closely followed by healthcare, with hospitals on average using twice as much energy per square foot as office buildings.

There is plenty of options open to businesses across North America to gain control and manage their energy consumption, reducing energy waste and saving money on energy costs - protecting profits, preserving or creating jobs and improving competitiveness. With advice and technology readily available, often paying for itself with the savings made within a short period of time.

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Wednesday 7th November 2012

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