Up The Creek

Friday 27th February 2015

You do not want to be up a creek without a paddle do you? But maybe now that would not be such a desperate situation if you were to find yourself there! Thanks to Kayak manufacturer Klepper, and their famed folding kayak, there maybe support for paddlers, who are up a creek or not.

Keeper now district an E-Kayak Kit, the captain of a kayak can sit back, ease his back and allow a small motor to take on the effort - or if you are up that creek and paddle-less you can now extricate yourself.

In the kit is a high efficiency electric motor, carbon propeller, a cockpit digital control and a 12v battery. There is a foot operated rudder, which is integrated with the motor, which allows lowering it in and out of the water, with he rudder allowing steering, without the paddle.

Sounds great but batteries run down, and quickly under the demand from an electric motor, so Klepper also offer folding rigid, or folding, solar panels to fit on top of the hull, which they claim can offer enough battery power for days voyage. The kit includes charging points for USB devices as well.

Keeper reckon that the E Kayak can travel up to 32 miles in battery saving slow modes, at 2.5 mph with eight hours of sunlight supplying the battery through two deck panels. If you were to put your foot down, as it were, and hit top speed of 5 mph, the range drops to around 9.3 miles.

Sounds good, and also with the solar power it keeps kayaking green and sustainable, even if your muscles aren’t!

So the old saying of being ‘up the creek without a paddle’ is now official defunct - for Klepper E-Kayak owners at least.

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Friday 27th February 2015

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