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Wednesday 18th October 2017

The Hive Active Heating System is one of a number of such ‘smart’ systems on the market, basically a smart, connected thermostat. It is this aspect we will consider today - but the Hive is a good title for this device, as it has developed over the last year by adding lots of functionality - like Bees buzzing out of their home.

We have been using the Hive system for over a year and have been impressed at its functionality as a thermostat - more on the other features in the next post.

It has proved to be a very convenient and useful energy efficiency tool. The system was installed fairly quickly by an engineer, with the smart looking control on the wall, connected via WiFi to the boiler through the Hive Hub.

The hub was connected to our broadband router by a cable connecting it to the outside world - so to speak. The thermostat looks good and a choice of different housings can be added for different tastes; it can also be easily popped out and placed wherever you wish to have it.

Downloading the app to a smartphone really makes the system useful and cost saving. If you felt it was getting a little cold you could lazily save your own energy by firing up the boiler from your armchair via the Hive app. Of course, in reverse, it was easy to reduce the heat through your phone or tablet. You can also go through schedules and settings on the app allowing easy changes, and as it is connected to the router and the outside world you can change that wherever you are.

Also, when nearing home the app prompts us to turn on the heating or set a temperature - meaning you do not need to have to schedule on/off timings. You arrive home to a warm house, meaning you do not have to have a constantly warm house when plans change and you are away for longer than expected - or vice versa.

In the summer you can set a warning for when the temperature indoors reaches a particular temperature - so you can start cooling when needed.

We also get a monthly email showing how we have performed compared to other Hive users in the area - which we are pleased to say is always better than our neighbours on energy conservation.

The Hive is easy to use via the app or through the dial on the control unit. We are very glad to have had it installed.

In next week's post, we will discuss the modular function of Hive, and how it controls so much more than heating.

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Wednesday 18th October 2017

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