Temp Solar Armband

Wednesday 25th February 2015

Health care has been under pressure - budgets are tight and reduced staff numbers mean care workers are stretched looking after more patients - now research and solar power may help.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have made a solar powered armband, which will alert care workers with an alarm if the body temperature of the wearer creeps up to high.

The armband id made entirely from organic parts, which are ink jet printed onto polymer film and can be worn over clothing or next tot he skin. It components consist of a flexible silicon solar panel, a small piezoelectric speaker, temperature sensor and power supply circuit. The sensor will sound the alarm via the speaker if the temperature is above a set range.

The armband doesn’t need an external power supply, and being flexible it s conformable to wear, plus it's so cheap it can be disposed of after each use - which maintains hygiene.

The overworked nurse or other caseworker can now rest assured they do not have to sprint between patients taking their temperatures, althea have to do now is run between the bleating alarms!

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Wednesday 25th February 2015

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