Sun Pumping

Tuesday 18th February 2014

It is shocking that while in the developed world we spurn tap water and use expensive bottled water instead, almost 800 million people still have no access to safe, clean drinking water.

The UN estimates that 6 to 8 million people die each year from the consequences of water-related diseases. That is about 10.000 people dying every day - most of them are children under the age of 5.

One of the biggest problems is being able to pump water, particular when there is little or no power. Hence, a dedicated group of engineers have started Pumpmakers, and have developed the NSP Solar Pump. Using solar energy helps people access water even in the remotest corners of the world.

The NSP Solar Pump is a maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant water pump system that can be manufactured locally, and that runs entirely on solar power, needing no back-up electricity and incurring no additional costs. At night it can be hand pumped to allow constant access to life giving, clean water.

It can easily be set up to replace pre-installed water pumps, such as hand water pumps, generator-powered pumps or windmill water pumps that are typically found in rural and remote areas.

As you sip your bottled water why not redirect some of the cost to the Pumpmakers’ crowd funding campaign to set up the system for people to help themselves to Pumpmakers developments. - HERE.

Watch their pitch video: