Smart Device to Provide Energy Control for Home Users

Wednesday 19th October 2016

The smart home is getting ever closer to all of us - with smart thermostats and related products from Nest, Hive and others and then Apple introducing their Home App to control smart item's in your home, well some at least. Most of the devices are designed to help the home owner save energy and Elgato have their Eve Energy family available in the UK, and elsewhere.

The latest product in Elgato’s HomeKit-enabled Eve family is the very sophisticated Eve Energy, it provides on/off power control and energy consumption information using their own app or Apple's Home app iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Eve Energy can switch a device individually or together with others in a predetermined scene. Users can simply ask Siri to activate “Movie Night”, “Bedtime”, “Party Time” or any scene they create, and groups of HomeKit enabled lights or devices can turn on or off in unison.

Eve Energy is the world’s first HomeKit-enabled switch that is based on energy-efficient Bluetooth Smart technology, which ensures reliable operation without adding to your already crowded WiFi network.

Eve Energy doesn't require any bridge or gateway and can be installed in minutes. If in range of an Apple TV 4 that serves as a home hub, HomeKit products like Eve Energy can be used from outside the home too. Meaning scenes can be activated in anticipation of the users return home, whether manually or automatically through a Rule or a Timer.

When used with other HomeKit products, like Elgato's Eve Weather, Eve Room or Eve Door & Window; scenes can be triggered automatically. The user can easily create a Rule that allows Eve Energy to activate a connected device when another Eve sensor reports that a certain value has changed. For example, Eve Room could report a high temperature, or low air quality, which could trigger the activation of an extractor fan using Eve Energy.

Users can monitor and manage the energy they are consuming via reports delivered straight to the Eve app. Eve displays energy consumption and even an estimate of the annual energy cost of the connected device, making it easy to see ways to save money by conserving power. The Eve app uses beautifully constructed graphs by day, week or month, to assist users in creating smarter and more energy-efficient homes. The Eve iOS app controls all the Eve devices; it also controls HomeKit enabled devices from third party manufacturers.

Sounds very useful and certainly provides control at the finger tips of the home owner.

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Wednesday 19th October 2016

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