Radiator Squirrel is the Nuts for Simple Energy Saving - Video

Wednesday 13th July 2016

Keeping energy saving simple is the best method. Unfortunately energy efficiency technology and innovation is often by its very nature is complicated.

Hence, it’s great when we come across a simple but effective energy saving idea and gadget, such as the RadiatorSwuiteel, developed by UK company EnergySquirrel.

The name Radiator Squirrel is about as exciting as it gets, as it’s actually just a rectangular piece of ceramic that you stick to the top of your radiator; appropriately that may seem nuts but it works.

The Squirrel is so simple it would be easy to discount it. Simplicity is sometimes the challenge - “It’s too simple to be that effective” is the sort of comment springs to the lips. But watch the video below and you will see what this simple device does.

EnergySquirrel claim it can heat up a room faster, thus enabling the thermostat to switch off earlier. This reduces energy consumption, with the company stating an energy saving of over 11.5% off a typical UK household heating bill, delivering a pay back in under two years!

Plus it is a simple self install, and unlike radiator fans and other similar gadgets the Squirrel does not require energy to power it and doesn’t make any noise.

If your home is fitted with radiators, as many are in northern climes, you would be nuts not to use the Radiator Squirrel, burying away you money for another day!

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Wednesday 13th July 2016

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