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Tuesday 11th November 2014

A car powered by its own body panels could soon be driving on the roads after a breakthrough in nanotechnology research by a team from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia.

The researchers have developed lightweight "supercapacitors" that can be combined with regular batteries to dramatically boost the power of an electric car.

The supercapacitors - a "sandwich" of electrolyte between two all-carbon electrodes - were made into a thin and extremely strong film with a high power density.

The film could be embedded in a car's body panels, roof, doors, bonnet and floor - storing enough energy to turbocharge an electric car's battery in just a few minutes.

The findings mean a car partly powered by its own body panels could be a reality within five years.

The discovery may be a game-changer for the automotive industry, with significant impacts on financial, as well as environmental, factors.

The technology would also potentially be used for rapid charges of other battery-powered devices.

Picture by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz reproduced under CCL.

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Tuesday 11th November 2014

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