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Friday 13th June 2014

The World Cup kicked off yesterday in Brazil, with plenty more than just football/soccer in the headlines. Many Brazilians are protesting against the huge investment in the cup by the Brazilian government, but is that investment at least good for the future - is it green?

Treehugger have listed five measures the organisers, FIFA, and the Brazilian government have taken, or are taking, to offset the huge environmental impact the world’s biggest sporting competition will have on Brazil.

The five points:

1) The new Rio de Janeiro-based World Cup stadium venue Estadio Nacionál Mané Garrincha has 2.5 MW of solar capacity from 1,500 solar panels ringing the roof. The other stadiums where the different games are being held are spread around Brazil, and with the solar panels installed at other stadiums there is a total of 5.4 MW of solar capacity.

2) All 12 World Cup hosting stadiums will have LEED certification - a first in World Cup history (FIFA World Cup games started in 1930).

3) The Estadio Nacionál will have eco-lighting, special irrigation for its landscaping via rainwater, and "intelligent" urinals that can calculate when water needs to be pumped to them during breaks in the games.

4) FIFA is encouraging eco-friendly travel between stadiums and sustainable tourism practices via a phone app called the Green Passport Initiative (GPI).

5) The government in Brazil has begun offsets and has already offset 115,000 tonnes of carbon through 'donations' of offsets from companies that then get to sport a special World Cup 'green seal’.

Sounds good in principal, but number four alone seems a little off target, with some of the stadiums thousands of miles away from where competing teams are based, requiring the said teams and their thousands of followers to use air travel to reach the games.

At least the World Cup and the Olympics, as experienced with London 2012, are making great efforts to improve the environmental impact of these huge occasions - often leading to pioneering technologies and strategies that will help beyond the period of such occasions.

Picture of Estádio Nacional de Brasília by Elza Fiúza/ABr - Agência Brasil, reproduced under CC-BY-3.0-br

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Friday 13th June 2014

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