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Tuesday 25th November 2014

Watching a nearly silent aircraft fly past your bedroom window at night, fuelled by used vegetable oil and batteries is one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to the UK start-up aviation company, Faradair Aerospace Limited.

Combining a bio-diesel engine with electric motors, Faradair’s Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft (BEHA) is an innovative six seat Hybrid Aircraft that could revolutionise general aviation. The BEHA aircraft concept is currently building an impressive list of partners, many of which will be revealed in coming weeks but will include the renowned aviation engineering university at Cranfield, to help deliver key technologies to make the prototype aircraft a reality within the next two years.

Key components which set the BEHA apart from current electric aircraft are its size and true ‘Hybrid’ duel fuel capability. Faradair will develop energy recovery technologies, such as solar panel skins on all flight surfaces, combined with a revolutionary wind-turbine technology, to create battery-charging capability for both in-flight and when on the ground.

Safety is paramount to Faradair, and other innovations include the aircraft’s autonomous capability with the ability to be remote-controlled by a Faradair ground pilot in cases of emergency. Plus the aircraft will be fitted with a ballistic parachute recovery system and one of the most impressive safety structures within general aviation, based on Formula 1 style crash protection.
The BEHA will give operators the ability to operate inter-city travel with minimal impact on those around them, and minimal operation costs. From flight schools, wildlife observation and emergency services, to recreational and business use, this aircraft will offer opportunities and options throughout all hours of the day and night.

Faradair has launched a crowd funding programme at Kickstarter in order to give people the opportunity to be a part of a truly exciting journey over the next two years

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Tuesday 25th November 2014

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