First Pilot Site Installation of Cloud Based Energy Analytic Solution

Wednesday 14th September 2016

The TOPAs consortium (Tools for Continuous Building Performance Auditing) has recently completed connecting the first pilot buildings at the Cork Institute of Technology with an early prototype of the project cloud-based analytic platform. aimed at reducing energy consumption.

The buildings were connected with an early prototype of the TOPAs project cloud-based analytic platform. Launched in November 2015, TOPAs consortium is building a set of analytic tools for continuous performance auditing of energy consumption in office buildings, aiming to reduce the gap between predicted and actual energy consumption.

According to reports from World Energy Outlook, buildings in the western world are accountable for approximately 40% of total energy consumption. This in turn contributes 30% to the world’s total CO2 emissions. Extensive evidence shows that buildings usually do not perform as well as predicted. The cloud-based Tools for Continuous Building Performance Auditing (TOPAs) project will provide better visibility on how energy-related decisions impact management, cost, air quality and comfort of buildings’ occupants.

Cloud based energy analytic systems are certainly the way forward for managing energy and behavioural change.

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Wednesday 14th September 2016

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