Shiv Desai, BSc

Shiv Desai is a seasoned energy professional who has a broad base of energy industry experience rooted in technical engineering education; evolving through diverse project management experience in the energy services industry and culminating into a business development expertise in consulting.

Shiv holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Energy Systems Engineering with a specialty in Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems. He has spoken at several international energy symposiums on technology applications to create environmentally sound and sustainable business solutions.

Shiv Desai currently serves as a global Energy Consultant for mitigating regulatory compliance liabilities for carbon reduction commitment, for the public and the private sectors. In the smart metering field, he specializes in creating Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for local governments and municipal utilities; transferring financial and technology related risks of upgrading aging infrastructure by converting a cost-based liability into a revenue-based technology asset. 


Brian Kalan, BSSE

Brian Kalan’s diverse engineering expertise was cultivated through the management of large, multimillion-dollar contracts for the Schneider Group. This included one project at the Manzanillo International Terminal in Panama that was described by the Discovery Channel as ‘Engineering the Impossible’.

Working in an environment where over-engineering was the norm did not prevent Brian for developing a tenacity for efficient as well as functional solutions. This naturally led to him joining a corporation dedicated to energy conservation. As Vice President, Brian oversees all technical aspects of the business and ensures his customers, which include the likes of Subway, Pizza Hut and Marriott Hotels, get the very best products and solutions to meet their needs.

Interestingly, working closely with end-users uncovered gaps in the market that led Brian to form a new R&D company dedicated to designing and manufacturing cutting-edge energy saving products. His first product targeted applications in the air-conditioning sector and was successfully launched early in 2012. The company is currently working on exciting breakthroughs in solar fuel cell technology.


Simon Turner, BSc

Simon Turner is a highly experienced electronics engineer with a life-long passion for efficiency and sustainability. His degree was put to good early use with groundbreaking advancements in defence related scientific algorithms and software. He went on to develop critical integrated systems for major corporations including the UK’s National Health Service, British Telecom and Pirelli to name just a few. As testimony to his talents, his systems are still in use to this day.

Simon now runs a consultancy that has earned an enviable reputation for excellence in the fields of software engineering and complex IT infrastructure development and management. Recent projects have been focused on the expanding opportunities within the green sector and include the development of cloud-based energy analytics services, renewable energy displays and energy data acquisition servers.

Throughout his career, Simon has been a zealous advocate of energy management and renewable technologies, something which is probably best demonstrated by the fact that his company offices will soon be running off-grid thanks to his self-designed alternative energy generation system.


Ian Wrigley, FRSA

Ian Wrigley FRSA, has been a designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of energy saving products for almost thirty years, there are few innovators within the industry with his breadth of experience. Ian’s knowledge of the technological solutions available, and his ideas for what still needs to be done, are only matched by his unique record of starting successful businesses in the energy saving market.

As a Founder Member of the Energy Saving Association, Ian has recognized the need for a global organization that will provide the best platform for professionals in the industry who wish to share their knowledge and expertise, tackle the issues of energy saving in the context of climate change and build responsible and successful businesses.

Ian’s various companies have supplied innovative products to thousands of organizations around the world, based on the belief that every new product must be technically and commercially sound and always provide the proven solutions that clients need. He is as passionate today as he was thirty years ago about the need for the very best energy saving products and strategies, and the contribution they will make to the challenge that climate change presents us all.


Bill Monteith BSc, PhD

Bill Monteith is a Fellow of the Institution of Professional Engineers (IPENZ) in New Zealand with a BSc and a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Research and consulting interests have included industrial automation, energy use and cost management, the application of business intelligence for performance optimisation and software engineering for commerce and industry.

Bill left the university environment in 1997 to become director of a New Zealand company focussing on energy use and cost management, business performance optimisation and the use of business intelligence and modelling in New Zealand, UK, Australia and Canada. Clients have included organisations such as ICI and Ford Motor Company.

Bill has authored major software systems in business intelligence for the tertiary education sector and a time of use billing system and electricity energy use analysis package for Empower (now merged into Contact Energy) in New Zealand in the deregulated electricity market environment. From 2007 until present Bill has undertaken several long term consulting assignments in the banking sector, including strategic business intelligence and risk modelling for UBS Investment Bank, London, and, more recently, strategic risk analysis of electricity retail supply performance for minimum end user cost using OLAP technologies.

Council membership is by invitation only. 

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