World Bank Grant to Boost Viet Nam's Energy Efficiency

THE World Bank have granted $2.37 million to the Viet Nam Government and other stakeholders in their efforts to improve the nations energy efficiency.

The World Bank’s Global Environment Facility will fund the $2.37 million three-part project with the aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across Viet Nam’s industrial sectors.

The first part of the project involves the formulation of energy efficiency strategies, particularly in the energy-intensive high growth industrial sector, plus the formation and fulfillment of voluntary agreements.

The project’s second element involves developing energy service providers, or energy efficiency advisers and providers, to help those affected by the national energy efficiency efforts to save energy through improved energy efficiency. This provides an excellent business opportunity to help the nations businesses and the country to save energy and the environment.

The third piece of the project involves improving the management, monitoring and evaluation of the energy through sourcing expert assistance and training for Viet Nam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Office.

Picture of Vietnam Reunification Palace Ho Chi Minh City by Eustaquio Santimano

Thursday 7th July 2011

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