Turkish State Buildings to be made Energy Efficient

TURKEY is looking to make its state buildings energy efficient, such as office blocks, hospitals and student dormitories, all of which will need to be upgraded to make the savings.

The Turkish Ministry of Public Works has decided to convert the buildings, starting with around 100 properties, according to data gathered by the Anatolia news agency.

The project has been submitted to Turkish State Planning Organisation, after 250 state institutions appealed to the ministry proposing the move. The initial phase of the project is set to cost almost 4 million Turkish Lira ($2.5 million), predict the ministry, but with another 1,000 buildings lined up to be included to the project.

Following approval from the Planning Organisation, the ministry has invited bids for the implementation of the energy efficiency improvements, with the first stage expected to be completed within three years.

A ministry official told the Anatolia news agency, anonymously: “The needs of each building will be mapped and the total cost will be outlined by the ministry.”

For energy-efficient conversion of the 1,000 state buildings in the second stage of the project, Turkey will be trawling for external financing, to be guaranteed by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury.

Picture of Blue Mosque, Istanbul by budgetplaces

Monday 16th May 2011

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