Sri Lanka Aim to Improve Industrial Energy Efficiency

THE Sri Lankan Ministry of Industry and Commerce has launched an energy efficiency programme for the countries industries to combat rising energy and production costs.

Using a Public Private Partnership model, the aim of the programme is to help companies to upgrade their energy efficiency, cutting down on the cost of production.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Jayaratne Herath said: “As we face a climate of global recession and increasing energy costs, international markets demand more-and-more low cost products. To reduce our industrial and manufacturing costs and survive, we decided to create this special project.”

The project target is for a 10 percent cut in industrial energy consumption, with initially 16 Sri Lankan companies undergoing energy audits from January 2012. After an audit report is prepared, energy efficiency recommendations and encouragement will be made to save energy.

Sri Lanka’s Central Bank recently reported that the countries power demand is increasing by 7-8 percent annually, and focussing on Sri Lanka’s industries the Ceylon Electricity Board report that a total of 48000 industrial power connections were active in 2010 with power demand increasing by 14 percent - highlighting the need for improved energy efficiency.

Picture of Colombo - Khan Clock Tower by Jorge Lascar reproduced under CCL.

Monday 19th December 2011

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