Singapore Energy Start-Up Helps Manage Energy Efficiency

SINGAPORE energy start up EverComm founded by NTU graduates provide enterprise energy data collection, data migration, data analysis and insights reporting.

In 2013 co-founders, 26-year-old Ted Chen and 31-year-old Phyo Koko, were motivated to create the company by their interest in energy savings and energy management.

The two electrical engineering undergraduates have developed Evercomm to aid manufacturing enterprises, data centres and commercial buildings to identifyi cost effective ways to manage and improve energy efficiency.

Evercomm have developed ways to collect energy data from varied sources to ascertain any energy efficiency problems their clients may be suffering. Evercomm then uses a data driven approach in identifying energy saving opportunities and validate measurable energy saving results.

The company looks to answer three basic questions:

  • How much energy a client consumes
  • How much energy is needed.
  • How much energy is wasted.

This enables them to distinguish a baseline for their clients, helping to improve their energy efficiency and operational efficiency.

The solutions range from software algorithms to third-party hardware solutions. But what sets Evercomm apart from other energy management companies is the ability to track energy use in real-time. They present this to their clients via information dashboards helping end users to see the relationship between energy usage and cost.

Evercomm's Energy Management System (EMS) has IDA accreditation and they have been appointed to aid the Singapore government’s agencies achieve energy efficiency goals.

Friday 2nd September 2016

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