Proposal For Worldwide Emission Reduction Targets

Where the Kyoto Protocol obliged only richer nations to cut down on CO2 emissions, the US, Australia, France and Denmark have issued a new climate regime proposal that would cancel the element of differentiation and be addressed to all nations.

This proposal suggests that every country will need to submit their own target for emission reduction, open to global verification.

Rich nations are proposing emission cuts while developing nations, like India and China, announce an emission intensity reduction. Emission intensity being the carbon emissions for each unit of Gross Domestic Product.

Denmark's proposal, much like the US and Australia's, would have rich countries and strongly developing nations (India and China) reduce their emissions, and have least developed countries implement a suitable adaption scheme.

It also suggests that developing countries declare a carbon emissions peak year.

According to the panel's note to the Prime Minister's Office, adopting an Integrated Energy Policy, which recommends an increasing share of renewables in a business' energy mix, can improve the energy sector's efficiency by 40-50%, resulting in emission reduction.

India's emission intensity from 2005 was 759 tonnes of carbon/$1million income generated, and of 1,354 tonnes for China.

Wednesday 9th December 2009

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