Portuguese Progress in Energy Efficiency Programme

PORTUGAL has reached about one-third of its target to improve national energy efficiency by 10 percent by 2015.

Portuguese State Secretary for Energy Carlos Zorrinho announced the progress stating that the Portuguese National Action Programme for Energy Efficiency (PNAEE), launched in 2008, met 25 percent of its energy-saving target by June last year, coming “close to meeting one-third” of the scheme’s goal.

“Having reached one-third in two years, in the next five years we’ll certainly meet our target or more than the target,” Zorrinho said.

Zorrinho added that this progress in implementing the PNAEE gave the country “great comfort” in its aim to meet the European Union’s (EU) “20-20-20 strategy”, which hopes for a 20 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, below 1990 levels, and a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency, all by 2020.

Under the “20-20-20” scheme, each EU member state is committed to achieve the same within their own borders.
“In renewable energies, Portugal wants to have 31 percent, not 20 percent, and we’re already at the 25 percent mark.”

“As to energy efficiency and emissions, we also want to fulfill the (EU) targets of 20% and we’re well on the way,” Zorrinho concluded.

Monday 28th February 2011

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