Philippines Energy Efficiency Project Progresses

THE Philippines Department of Energy (DoE) has finished the upgrade of seven government buildings as part of the Energy Efficient Lighting initiative component of the Philippine Energy Efficiency Project (PEEP).

The Filipino Government agencies which have received the energy efficiency upgrades are the: National Food Authority, Mines and Geosciences Bureau, National Dairy Authority, Environmental Management Bureau, Philippine Information Agency, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Housing Authority.

The estimated savings from the energy saving measures across these seven buildings total P4.01 ($93,195) million annually, this estimation is calculated on 264 working days and nine operating hours a day.

These savings are just the tip of the future potential for the PEEP programme, as it is set to provide energy efficiency upgrades to another 28 government buildings over the next few months, providing further substantial savings.

The DoE also revealed that another impact of PEEP will be the savings in power generation costs through the reduction of the peak demand by using energy efficiently. The DoE also looks to establish sustainable business models for large-scale implementation of energy-efficiency programmes based on what they learn from PEEP.

Picture of Pasig River, Manila, Philippines by Ibarra Svd's reproduced under CCL.

Monday 31st October 2011

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