Pennsylvania can Benefit from Guaranteed Energy Savings

STATISTICS from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry claim that more than 106,000 jobs in the U.S. State have been created in the energy efficiency and renewables industries. report that, based on market experience, energy efficiency is an economic winner, and the State now has the opportunity to create a further 19,000 high-paying jobs and provide $2 billion of upgrades to its State and local Government buildings.

This could be made even more attractive as it would also come without tax increases via energy savings performance contracting (ESPC), but the State Government has suspended Pennsylvania’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA), which is seen as vital to improving the energy efficiency and job situation in the State.

The web site highlights that this is now at risk. State Governor Tom Corbett’s administration is evaluating GESA and in the meantime has suspended projects under development. Putting on hold the proven job-creating benefits of the Act in this tough economic environment at no expense to the Government.

Through James Dixon, Vice President for Legal & Compliance Services at Con Edison Energy and Chair of the National Association of Energy Service Companies and Dan Kerr is Director of Energy Services at McClure Co. call for the Governor to support GESA and allow energy-service companies to get back to the business of putting people to work, saving taxpayers money and reducing energy costs for the people of Pennsylvania.

An ESPC sees an energy service company provide the systems and equipment along with the technical, engineering and managerial expertise while the private sector financial institutions provide the funding for the retrofit projects, which make buildings significantly more energy efficient. The costs of design and installation of the new technologies and equipment upgrades are to be paid back out of the energy savings with no net cost to the Government.

It is estimated that for every $1 million of ESPC project investment it will create around 10 direct jobs. The effect of the income created by these direct jobs is also predicted to roll on to another 10 to 12 indirect jobs created per $1 million of project value.

Picture of Pennsylvania State Rotunda by M Fox reproduced under CCL.

Monday 17th October 2011

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