Office Blocks Need to Provide Energy Efficiency Data

A draft law was passed by the Australian Federal Government’s lower house yesterday, which states that office block owners will now have to disclose their building's energy efficiency to buyers or lessees.

The Australian government aim is for owners of big commercial office buildings to release energy efficiency ratings before selling or leasing them. Giving the new owners a fuller understanding of their energy usage and therefore possible savings they can make.

The legislation, if passed by the Australian Senate, would apply to buildings of 2000 square meters or more, as well as lead tenants intending to sublease space.

Greg Combet, Australian Junior Climate Change Minister, said the new law is the first step to transforming Australian businesses into an energy efficient sector.

Combet accepted that such radical change would cause some concern, promising stakeholders would get a voice in working out how to implement and improve the scheme.

In the meantime the Australian government aim to provide transitional arrangements, Mr Combet added.

Energy efficiency is cost-effective and one of the easiest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he concluded.

This law is only just a part of a much needed bigger strategy to improve energy efficiency in the country.

The Building Energy Efficiency Disclose Bill 2010 now awaits approval by the Australian Federal Government’s Senate.


Picture by John Brennan

Wednesday 23rd June 2010

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