Nigeria Combats Power Crisis with Energy Efficiency Drive

NIGERIA is looking to a four-year programme to drive energy efficiency across the public and private sectors to combat the country’s power crisis.

A country has been suffering greatly from frequent power outages, primarily due to an inadequate and unstable power generation and grid. The black outs have forced businesses to rely on generators either as a primary source of electricity, let alone back up.

Support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Federal Ministry of Environment and Energy Commission of Nigeria will, through the energy efficiency programme, aim to reduce energy demand, electricity costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Nigeria also recognises that developing energy efficiency will minimise the need for new power stations, with the earmarked funds then available for the needy sectors of the economy, such as health and education.

According to Nigeria’s Daily Independent newspaper the project is the outcome of a GEF-sponsored UNDP scheme whereby the UN agency designed a project to promote energy efficiency in the private and public sector. According to Ade Mamonyane Lekoetje, the UNDP Country Director, the project looks to identify and overcome the technical, financial, institutional and regulatory hurdles to the scaling up of energy-efficient measures across Nigeria.

According to Lekoetje, the project will focus on improving the energy efficiency of a series of end-use equipment (such as refrigeration appliances, air conditioners, lighting, electric motors and fans) used in private and public buildings (schools, hotels, offices) through the introduction of appropriate energy efficiency policies and measures, and demand-side management programmes.

Lekoetje added: “Another objective of the project will be to strengthen the regulatory and institutional framework, develop monitoring and enforcement mechanisms, provide training to appliance and equipment professionals, and launch a public outreach campaign to promote energy efficiency in Nigeria.“

Picture: Abuja @ Night by Jeff Attaway

Monday 9th May 2011

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