New York State to Invest $800M in Energy Efficiency

NEW York State is to invest $800 million to improve energy efficiency in their state governmental buildings, with the goal of reducing energy consumption by 20 percent over the next 4 years.

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) will issue debt to finance the projects, which will involve energy efficient upgrades to state buildings, amounting to $450 million, while the retrofits to local authority, schools and public hospitals will see an investment of another $350 million.

The upgrades will cut energy demand and create employment, estimated to be in the thousands. The measures will thus save costs on reduced energy bills and through the extra employment boost the states economy.

The NYPA will see their investment returned through the reduced energy costs.

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Picture of New York State Capitol, Albany by wadestar16 reproduced under CCL.

Wednesday 2nd May 2012

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