Montenegro gets new Funding for "Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings."

BALKAN State Montenegro has new funding of €12.5 million from this autumn for the countries “Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings” programme.

Dr Milorad Katnić, Montenegro's Minister of Finance, met with Dr. Tina Babo, Regional Director of the KfW Bank in Southeast Europe to discuss the new funding, its future support for the countries energy sector and funding for local Montenegrin Banks.

Katnić added that the bank has proved to be a very good partner so far with the implementation of the “Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings” programme.

The World Bank provided an original sum of $9.4 million to initially fund the programme in December 2008, with a completion date of December 31 2012.

The new €12.5 million financing will fund, amongst other projects, energy-efficiency upgrades in about 30 school buildings in Montenegro.

Since 2009 some projects have been completed but many others are still to be finished, with plenty of potential left for funding and energy saving upgrades across the countries public buildings.

Picture of Kotor Bay (Scott Liddell) / CC BY 3.0

Tuesday 28th June 2011

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