Kazakhstan Needs to Focus on Energy Efficiency

KAZAKHSTAN’S Energy Strategy should focus on energy efficiency said, Timur Kulibayev, chairperson of the Kazenergy Association, while meeting with representatives of national companies, and ministries.

"Energy efficiency is the main and primary trend in the development of the national energy strategy. The goals for 2020 should be defined clearly. Achievement of a 30 per cent reduction of energy consumption in the country by increasing energy efficiency which is an achievable figure," said Kulibayev.

He added that coal powered generation supplied 80 percent of Kazakhstan’s electricity.

"First of all we need to focus on the development of energy efficiency at coal power plants, and after upgrading the existing facilities based on coal, only then can we switch to the modernisation of gas generation. After all these prerequisites can we begin to switch to the development of renewable energy sources," he concluded.

Kazakhstan’s Minister of Environmental Protection, Nurlan Kapparov, called for "more aggressive steps," in improving the countries energy efficiency.

"Energy efficiency is something laying on the surface in a literal sense. 30 percent is quite acceptable and real potential for reducing electric power consumption in the country," Kapparov said.

According to his calculations, with the current volume of economy, the country could save 30 billion kWh annually, instead of the 100 billion kWh consumed currently.

"That is, in other words, before building new power plants, we must use the full potential of existing ones using energy efficiency," he concluded.

Picture of Central Downtown Astana, Kazakhstan by Ken and Nyetta (Central Downtown Astana, Kazakhstan) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday 15th April 2013

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