Jamaican Energy Efficiency Program Already Saved $131.5M

JAMAICA’S Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr Andrew Wheatley, has stated that the Government has realised savings of some $131.5 million through their Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme (EECP).

Jamaica Gleaner reports: Wheatley saying: “This is money that can be diverted to other areas, such as social and infrastructural development.”

The report says that the programme, being undertaken in collaboration with international funding partners, has retrofitted a range of government facilities, including public health, administrative and educational buildings, and facilitated training in best practices for energy efficiency and conservation.

Wheatley noted that the figures for October 2016 show that the EECP intervention has lead to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by some 3,000 tonnes.
He said the ministry is conducting evaluations to further assess the success of the programme.

The EECP was launched in 2012, and aims to enhance Jamaica’s energy efficiency and conservation potential through the design and execution of concrete Energy Efficiency (EE) and Energy Conservation (EC) cost-saving measures in the public sector.

The Gleaner reports that the EECP was scheduled to conclude at the end of 2015, but was extended, with financing by the Government, to facilitate the implementation of the energy-saving strategies in additional entities.

Noting the value of energy to varying facets of society, including production, connectivity, and healthcare, Wheatley added that energy efficiency and conservation are key in achieving the economic growth targets of the Caribbean country’s Government.

Source: jamaica-gleaner.com. Picture: Port of Kingston, Jamaica by Blofeld of SPECTRE at English Wikipedia (Original text: W. Harris) - CC BY-SA-3.

Friday 24th March 2017

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