Ireland Aim for a more Ambitious Energy Efficiency Plan

IRELAND’S Energy Minister Pat Carey has stated that an updated and more ambitious Energy Efficiency Action Plan is needed for his country.

“Ireland’s first action plan succeeded in focusing national energy policy on measures which can deliver a sustainable energy future.” Carey explained.

“The actions outlined in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) have the potential to create jobs, to cut emissions, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to save money for energy consumers.

"Our second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan needs to be even more ambitious to meet economic and energy saving challenges in the years ahead.

"In particular, the public sector will have a leadership role in reducing energy demand across our economy. I encourage all interested stakeholders to have their say in helping us meet our challenging targets," Carey said.

Currently the Irish government is in a consultation process to discover the views of industry along with other important stakeholders on the country’s progress to date and on measures that could be considered in the second Action Plan, which is due for submission at the end of June this year.

In Ireland’s first NEEAP, published in 2009, 90 of the actions set out have now taken place, while other actions will continue until 2020.

The aim is to achieve 20 percent energy efficiency savings in all areas, having an impact particularly on the public, business and energy supply sectors.

The first Action Plan identified savings at an estimated €1.6 billion in annual energy cost reductions for the, currently beleaguered, economy by 2020, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of about 5.7m tonnes each year.

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Friday 18th February 2011

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