Fujitsu Services Get Air-Con Upgrade

ADCOCK Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in the UK have completed a major R22 replacement project on behalf of E2, a leading provider of bespoke energy management, for Fujitsu Services in Birmingham. 

Due to its detrimental impact on the environment, on the 1st January 2015 it became illegal to use R22 refrigerant within any air conditioning or refrigeration system. This project involved replacing all of the air conditioning and air handling units in the entire 145,000 square foot building.

In total 11 Fujitsu VR-II Heat Recovery systems were installed, along with 27 condensing units and 120 ducted fan coils and 2 split systems. The systems are fully managed via by a BACnet® Gateway and Lite touch panel system control.

The server room systems were replaced with a heat recovery close control system comprising three DencoHappel modular heat recovery units which automatically share the cooling output equally over a six week period whilst monitoring the temperature, keeping it constant and controlled through a single control unit. Being far more proficient, the systems provide precision cooling within one degree Celsius and offers highly efficient heat recovery of up to 85% energy savings which is highly advantageous.

The replacement project  was phased over an eight month period due to the building being fully occupied. There were 6 phases in total which required individual working areas of the building to be relocated temporarily during the fit-out, allowing contractors to have sufficient access to each area whilst ensuring that staff were not disrupted. Works took place over a 30 week period which included the decommissioning of the existing server room.

Source: Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Monday 26th September 2016

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