First Choice for Energy Resource is Energy Efficiency

THE UN Foundation said recently that governments should exploit energy efficiency as their energy resource of first choice.

Referring to this comment U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said at an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference on green buildings that energy could be the definitive challenge of our time, as it is "the one issue, more than any other that will shape the fate of our planet, our economies, and our nations," he said.

Locke added: "With efficiency we don't have to depend on scientific breakthroughs or engineering miracles.

"It’s merely a way of maximising the amount of energy you get from existing sources."

Studies reveal that in the U.S., and most advanced countries, the biggest potential for improving energy efficiency is in buildings.

Locke said, "In the U.S., buildings consume 40 percent of energy and 73 percent of electricity. They are responsible for about 39 percent of carbon emissions – more than the transportation or industrial sectors."

U.S. President Barack Obama set a target for all U.S. government buildings built after 2020 to be net zero energy buildings by 2030, net zero meaning they generate as much energy as they consume.

Locke stated: "The biggest impact we can have is in creating standards and incentives for state and local governments, homeowners, business owners and schools to do the same thing.

"As APEC host for 2011, the United States has identified promoting green growth as one of our top priorities for the coming year.

"It may well be one of the greatest economic opportunities of the 21st century, an opportunity that could help put millions of people to work in high-skill, high-wage jobs," Locke concluded.

Picture by Unhindered by Talent

Tuesday 15th March 2011

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