Failing to Improve Energy Efficiency makes no Business Sense

DAVID Powell, climate campaigner at Friends of the Earth believes that failing to implement energy efficiency does not make any business sense.

Although commenting on the situation in the UK, what he stated applies globally and to most, if not all, national governments.

Powell argued that as energy prices continue to rise, and governments predicting that they will continue to do so over the next 10 years, action needs to be taken, “the sooner energy efficiency measures are in place, the better," he said.

"What we really need is a joined up way that businesses can access the cash that they need to put in place the [energy efficiency] investments," Powell added, pointing out that it presents them with a "win-win" situation as the savings on energy costs will provide a rapid pay back, protecting the bottom line.

Powell did suggest that governments need to provide the incentives, support and confidence to push for a low carbon economy, with businesses more than willing to enjoy the benefits of such actions.

Friends of the Earth is calling for the UKs new Green Investment Bank to be a bank rather than a funding organisation, so UK businesses can flourish in a green economy, this sentiment needs to be shared globally however governments fund and support energy efficiency for businesses.

Photo by Gyver Chang

Thursday 24th March 2011

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