EU Winter Package to Offer Binding Energy Efficiency Target?

MIGUEL Arias Canete, EU’s Climate Commissioner, revealed today, Friday, that he is driving to extend the 2030 energy efficiency target in this week’s EU winter package of policies, released next Wednesday.

According to the European Commission will announce increased EU energy efficiency targets on 30 November. Although it is expected that the proposals will face opposition in various degrees from member states, particularly with regard to binding, ambitious rules, plus resistance from the European Parliament, which has demanded much higher goals.

The European Commission’s ‘Winter Package’ of new energy legislation is aimed at forming an EU Energy Union, a strategy designed to lessen the bloc’s dependence on energy imports, as well as combat climate change.

One of the bills in the ‘Package’ addresses rules setting EU-wide 2030 climate and energy targets, including energy efficiency to reduce emissions and energy imports. This is all part of the the Commission’s ongoing promise to put “energy efficiency first” in its Energy Union plan. reveal from leaks that the executive will set a binding EU-level 2030 target of at least a 30% increase in energy efficiency compared to 1990 levels.

To become EU law though, an identical goal must be agreed by both the EU Parliament and the Council of Ministers. This is were resistance could come, as two times now MEPs have backed EU Parliament resolutions calling for 40% reduction. meanwhile individual member states of the EU have argued for just a 27% target.

Leaked documents had suggested the executive was considering the 30% target. has confirmed the Commission will resist subsequent pressure from MEPs, green campaigners, and some industry groups to further boost the target.

Picture of Miguel Arias Cañete, © European Union , 2016 - Source: EC - Audiovisual Service - Photo: Eduardo Munoz

Friday 25th November 2016

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