Energy Efficient US State Scorecard

THE American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) have released their seventh annual state scorecard, which ranks states on their energy efficiency policy and program efforts.

Energy efficiency measures are thriving in state capitals around the United States, with several states, including Mississippi, Connecticut, Illinois, and West Virginia, taking major steps that moved them up the ranks in the seventh annual edition of the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard released by ACEEE.

ACEEE’s State Scorecard shows that the top 10 states for energy efficiency are: Massachusetts, California, New York, Oregon, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Maryland, and Illinois.

Massachusetts retains the top spot for the third year in a row based on its continued commitment to energy efficiency under its Green Communities Act. In California, requirements for reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have led it to identify several strategies for smart growth, keeping the state in a top position at number 2. Connecticut is also closing the gap due to the passing of a major energy bill in 2013, with Illinois making its first appearance in the top 10, reaping the benefits of increased energy savings called for in the state’s energy efficiency resource standard.

According to the 2013 State Scorecard, the five states most in need of improvement (in reverse order) are: North Dakota; Wyoming; South Dakota; Alaska; and Mississippi. However, Mississippi also appears on ACEEE’s list of the top five most improved states, revealing an upward trend as more and more states embrace energy efficiency.

Last year Mississippi passed comprehensive energy legislation that included energy efficiency as a major component. The bill included provisions setting an energy code for commercial and state-owned buildings. Mississippi is now set to become a regional leader in energy efficiency. West Virginia’s score improved due to the state adopting stronger building codes. The other three most improved states in 2013 were: Maine, Kansas, and Ohio.

Check out the scorecard here. Source ACEEE.

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Friday 8th November 2013

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