Energy Efficiency Key to 40 years of Energy Savings

THE largest energy savings in Europe over the next 40 years will result from energy efficiency, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) report.

In its opinion the EESC reckon 80 percent emission cuts can be achieved by the 2050. The study was called for by the European Commission which will release the study today, as part of the EUs roadmap for a “decarbonised” energy system by mid century.

Antonello Pezzini, the lead researcher for the committee said:
“The EU must be clear on goals and instruments if it wants to be successful in its energy policy. It has to commit countries, regions, industry and other stakeholders to assume their responsibilities and oversee their performance.”

The EESC judge that more than half of Europe’s emission cuts by 2050 will come from energy efficiency actions and measures.
“In 2050 the European population will be little more than 6% of the world population so we need to ensure that our principles are strengthened and embraced globally”, said Pezzini.

The EESC also highlighted its recent report which urged the European Commission (EC) to aim for a goal of 25 percent emissions cut by 2020. The Commisions’s paper on the roadmap for a “decarbonised” energy system in Europe by 2050 is expected to follow this recommendation, when it is unveiled later today.

Picture of European Commission by Brujita

Wednesday 23rd February 2011

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