Energy Efficiency Key Points for Business

THE Guardian Newspaper recently held an energy efficiency discussion with its Sustainable Business Group and they have published a summary of key points - click here.

Read it in full, but some of the highlights include the following:

  • Most organisations have become more receptive to the idea of energy saving initiatives, especially when net savings can be demonstrated.
  • Monitoring sustainability measures on a portfolio basis allows investment risk to be spread between initiatives.
  • When customers begin to ask organisations questions related to the sustainability of their products and services, this can act as a driver for the implementation of energy efficiency measures.
  • Measuring energy performance can be particularly challenging for multi-site organisations.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures through ongoing monitoring can also be challenging.
  • Automated controls can be effective for some appliances as savings can be made that do not require employees to change their behaviour.
  • Behaviour change by employees is needed in organisations where processes are not standardised across all sites. This can be achieved through a combination of behaviour training, monitoring and communication.

Picture - Going Green by ManoharD reproduced under CCL.

Tuesday 25th October 2011

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