Energy Efficiency Improvement Needed for Lithuania and EU

ENERGY efficiency improvements are vital for Lithuania to boost the countries economy and bring it in line with the European Union according to vice minister of energy Zydrune Juodkiene.

Juodkiene stressed the importance of energy efficiency during the CONCERTO conference (the European Commission initiative within the European Research Framework Program), its importance to achieve a stable and competitive growth. As Lithuania are currently running the Presidency of the EU her comments are not restricted to just Lithuania but also apply to the whole community.

Juodkiene said: “It is already more than obvious that the principle of energy efficiency is effecting various fields of our economy. That is why it is one of the means to strengthen stability and competitiveness of the economic sector.

“As it is one of the most economically feasible measures to increase Europe’s energy security, decrease the dependence on energy import and ensure sustainable growth of the economy, energy efficiency is becoming very important in order to achieve the EU’s energy policy goals.

“Without integral EU energy infrastructure and with energy islands still present, we will have fewer opportunities for the effective use of energy resources. In turn, smart cities and electricity grids will allow more effective trade in the internal energy market and will strengthen Europe’s position in the relationships with external partners,” Juodkiene concluded.

She also focused on the concrete energy efficiency targets which have already been agreed across the EU. But Juodkiene recognized the need for high level political commitment and actions to achieve those targets. Continuous contributions with innovative proposals for smart cities projects are also very welcome and should be encouraged.

Picture panorama of Vilnius by Lestat (Jan Mehlich) (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Friday 25th October 2013

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