Egypt Needs to Recognize Benefits of Energy Efficiency

EGYPT is facing many problems but efforts toward a green economy could provide a tremendous boost for the country and the environment.

Estimates predict around 700,000 jobs would be produced over the next 15 years from the energy efficiency and green industries. This offers hope to the multitude of citizens currently seeking work.

Hence the reason why an EU-funded project, MED-ENEC II, has raised the issue of energy efficiency and Egypt’s energy needs at the Cairo Climate Talks currently taking place. The project sees the EU provide €5 million to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy implementation.

The talks look to raise awareness of and the benefits of energy efficiency, and are aimed at policymakers, business leaders, plus the scientific community and civil society.

There will be monthly round table and podium discussions with leading policymakers and experts from Egypt, and many other countries attending.

If the discussions lead to action it will be one step towards helping the country out of the problems it currently faces.

Picture of Cairo by Raduasandei at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Thursday 31st October 2013

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