Cuyahoga County Three Year Retrofit Pay Back

CUYAHOGA County in Ohio State, U.S., is taking advantage of Federal stimulus funding and local taxes to cut the amount of energy used in 15 of the County’s own buildings.

The U.S. Department of Energy is submitting a grant of $1.9 million, covering 40 percent of the project, with the rest, $2.8 million, coming from County taxes.

Cuyahoga County, on the southern shores of Lake Erie, is the highest populated area of Ohio, with Cleveland as the county seat and the largest city within the county.

Director of the county's Central Services Department, Jay Ross, stated that the savings through the energy efficiencies made, should cover the cost of the upgrades in just over three years.

The buildings affected will be the county’s Justice Center, county archives, Huntington Park Garage, Marion Building, auto title division, Board of Elections, central services, coroner, county garage, county kennel, County Courthouse Square, Hunter Building, Virgil Brown Building and the Metzenbaum Building.

With a three year return on investment, retrofitting energy saving technology, such as lighting, within existing buildings is the win-win decision for many local authorities and governments.

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Tuesday 29th June 2010

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