Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Pilot for Hawaii

U.S. based ESCO Carbon Lighthouse have partnered with Hawaii’s A&B Properties are running a two-month pilot to identify energy efficiency initiatives for A&B’s commercial assets in Hawaii.

The two-month pilot scheme will look to identify energy efficiency initiatives for A&B’s commercial assets in Hawaii. The program was launched at two properties on Oahu, the Pearl Highlands Center, the Kaka`ako Commerce Centre and the Kahului Office Building on Maui. These properties were identified as the highest energy consumers within ABP’s Hawaii commercial portfolio.

“Energy efficiency is a priority for A&B,” said Kit Millan, ABP vice president, asset management. “The program is a winning proposition: if successful, not only will we realise operational and financial efficiencies that will be shared with tenants, but we will contribute to broader sustainability efforts, which is of benefit to the environment and the community.”

Using Carbon Lighthouse’s proprietary energy optimisation technology, CLUES, engineers will deploy hundreds of sensors throughout the three properties to collect new data related to airflow, water, lighting, and cooling usage, and will also identify on-site renewable energy opportunities.

Using these key metrics, Carbon Lighthouse will model hundreds of energy scenarios to arrive at a proposal to make most efficient use of energy at the properties.

Friday 12th August 2016

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