Chinese Vice Premier Highlights Energy Efficiency

ON Friday Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang, appealed for greater effort in developing and in using advanced energy technologies as a way of boosting energy conservation and efficiency, while helping to fuel China’s economic growth.

Li made the remarks while meeting with prize winners awarded for their contributions to China's energy science and technology advancements in Beijing.

Li commented that energy security was key to China' s ongoing urbanization and industrialization, and to the steady and relatively quick long-term economic development of the country.

He also urged authorities to focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, enhancing China's energy structures, and establish a modern energy industrial system.

Energy efficiency needs to be improved, he said while noting the rapid development in energy technologies and their large potential markets.

Efforts should be made to put new technologies into use, and to cultivate innovative potential he said.

Picture of Beijing Opera by Saad Akhtar

Tuesday 27th July 2010

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