China Adopts New Law For Clean Energy

Following the Copenhagen climate talks last week, during which China was criticised for obstructing the adherence to a treaty on climate change, the Chinese government has decided to show its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by adopting a new law in favor of the country's renewable energy industry.

The legislation could also improve China's energy efficiency implementations, by putting the emphasis on energy savings and the financial and environmental benefits entailed.

Council Members of the Energy Saving Association (ESA), such as Ken Cheyne, believe that such initiatives are what the world needs in order to save energy and reduce emissions to achieve a curb in global temperature rises.

The text makes it mandatory for electricity grid companies to purchase all the power produced by renewable sources.

It also empowers the State Council's energy department, the electricity regulatory agency and its finance departments to determine the amount of renewable energy available in the country's overall power generating capacity.

The environmental affairs commission vice-president, Ni Yuefeng, told reporters that power companies will be obliged to take up all of that capacity, and those refusing to do so will be fined an amount up to double that of the economic loss of the renewable energy company.

The penalty inflicted for non-compliant companies creates an incentive to adhere to the legal requirement promoting clean energy and the reduction of harmful gas emitting consumption.

"The new law will help China reduce its emission of greenhouse gases in a voluntary manner," says Mr. Ni.

By adopting such a positive text of law, China shows good faith and a pro-active contribution to the global climate change battle.


Saturday 26th December 2009

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