Call for EU to Act on Building Energy Efficiency

EUROPEAN Union member states need to be more ambitious and act quicker to implement plans for energy efficiency retrofits to buildings, claims activists and an international council.

The Energy Efficiency Directive requires every EU country to establish a long-term strategy for mobilizing investment in the energy efficient renovation of their building stock, by 30 April 2014.

With just six months remaining to deliver national renovation strategies that could help ensure investment in European jobs and growth, and help deliver lower energy bills for struggling European citizens, Renovate Europe and the Europe Regional Network have urged national governments to:

  1. Build lasting partnerships with industry, academia, financial institutions, NGOs and other actors. Establish strategies that genuinely engage national stakeholders and those who must deliver on the ground.
  2. Develop ambitious strategies supported by clear milestone aims; the technology exists and industry is ready to deliver, but long-term certainty is needed for the market.
  3. Integrate societal benefits: national strategies are tools to enable our economies to reap the multiple economic, social and environmental benefits of energy efficient renovations.

James Drinkwater, Senior Policy Advisor of the Europe Regional Network, said: "Governments around Europe cannot afford to miss the chance to improve their economies and the lives of those who live, learn and work in Europe's buildings. They must seize this opportunity."

Picture of the European Parliament [This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 France license.]

Thursday 7th November 2013

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