Billions of U.S. Energy Efficiency Funding Untouched

THE U.S, forged ahead under Barack Obama’s administration in providing billions, even hundreds of billions, of dollars with the intention of stimulating energy efficiency and renewable energy generation plus providing millions of green-collar jobs.

A great initiative and good news to all in the energy saving business - but the money, just sitting there, has hardly been touched!

Thus far $2 billion, just 10% of the of assigned $20 billion, has been spent from the stimulus money assigned to energy efficiency, hence there is still a loads of money available for funding commerce, industry and the public sector to save energy and thus money.

Analysis of what has been spent from the funding reveals that the majority of the money, 80%, has gone to federal and institutions, meaning the private sector is yet to benefit, with money sate waiting to be claimed and spent on energy efficiency schemes.

U.S. businesses and public sector organisations need to pursue this funding and turn to energy saving specialists to benefit from saved energy and money with major stimulus funding from the federal government.

Friday 21st May 2010

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