Alerts Help Save Energy

ENERGY consultants STC Energy have come up with an alert system that could save you money and improve your energy efficiency.

They’ve created a profile alerts service which monitors consumption from HH and AMR electricity meters and data loggers. The system which uses STC’s in-house designed software, can monitor multi sites and report back immediately.

The system collects, validates and analyses the data for reporting. This data is usually collected on a day plus one basis. Quality is the key, if data is found to be missing or estimated, they will directly investigate with the suppliers and data collectors.

You simply set an energy use target and if you exceed it, the system lets you know where, when and by how much. If the consumption of energy consistently exceeds set targets action can be taken to manage and monitor energy use.

Targeted energy use alerts are an intuitive way to combat energy waste and other exceptional consumption. By analysing your site’s historic consumption, the software can form a picture of each site’s usage. This enables the setting of accurate targets for each meter. Sites can then be automatically monitored for exceptions.
Any deviations found will trigger an email alert to a nominated site contact. The report will automatically highlight which sites are over target.

STC says the system is very successful in identifying energy wastage directly and in suggesting behavioural changes that can be implemented to reduce consumption, for both small and large multi-site companies.

Monday 8th August 2016

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