Vind in Your Hull

Wednesday 18th September 2013

Norwegian designers Lade AS have come up with a hybrid powered, no not a car, a merchant ship called the Vindskip (Windship), and are using wind as part of the motivating energy for this vessel .

Using the wind to power an ocean going ship is hardly new, but the way they suggest to use the wind is. They have conceived a shaped hull which will act as a sail, harnessing wind power. Although the Vindskip would use engines as well, the wind power is estimated to be able to save up to 60% of the fuel and reduce emissions by 80%.

Using the Aerospace Industry as inspiration they designed a hull as a symmetrical airfoil, which helps produce an aerodynamic lift, pulling the ship along.

Lade also claim that computer navigation could provide weather data allowing the captain to plot an optimal course for wind use. In the meantime the engines would use a liquefied natural gas-powered electrical generator for added propulsion and to get it moving from a standstill.

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Wednesday 18th September 2013

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