Switch Off Instead of Using Stand-by Power

Wednesday 15th February 2017

We have posted previously about the appetite for electricity of devices placed on stand-by, but a reminder and a few up today figure will only encourage more to switch things at home, in the office or the workshop completely.

The UK’s Energy Saving Trust reckons the average UK home has between 40 and 50 electrical appliances left on stand-by power. That figure is unlikely to reduce as more gadgets enter our lives.

So what should we do to save energy - as always switch off is always the biggest way of saving energy, as then a device does not use any. But we have been conditioned to believe we should use stand-by mode, as the device will work better and will use tiny, tiny amounts of energy. That belief is true for each individual device, but when you have maybe 40 or 50 of such gadgets, then the stand-by consumption is serious.

WiFi routers are one of the biggest stand-by energy consumers, the Energy Trust suggest it cost £22 on your utility bill very year. Now that may not seem like an awful lot, but again multiple that figure by all the devices you have on stand-by.

So get into the habit of turning off devices that you regularly leave in stand-by mode. Yes, you wireless router, you TV set top box, the game console and even you alarm clock.

According to the US-based Natural Resources Defense Council so-called “idle load electricity” (such as laptops in sleep mode or laser printers on standby) consumes 23% of power in the average home.

The energy saving and the impact on the environment could be huge if everyone switched devices off completely.

So before retiring tonight, or leaving the home or office, switch off and do not use the sleep or stand by function.

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Wednesday 15th February 2017

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