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Monday 24th September 2012

When the weather is hot there is nothing worse than facing a plunge into a boiling hot car that has been sat turning into an oven while you are away doing whatever you have to do.

You may open the doors leaving them ajar to try and release the oven-heat before plunging onto your seat. You also burn up fuel by getting the engine running and the air-con on as soon as you can to relieve the discomfort.

How can you cope with this situation in an energy efficient way? Use the problem - how? Use the power of the sun to keep you car cool on the inside by fitting an Auto Cool Fan to your car window which uses the sun’s energy to work.

This brilliant solar auto vent gadget is simply placed on top of a car window before you wind it up as it operates by the fan sucking all the hot air out of your car, maintaining a safe, comfortable temperature.

Now you may be concerned that your car could be left unsecured with the Auto Cool unit on the wound up window, but it is totally safe as no gap is left at the top of the window, while the fan keeps your car up to 30 degrees cooler than it would normally be in hot weather.

The great news is that the Auto Cool Fan is powered by renewable energy - yes the source of the problem the sun, powers the fan as it has a solar panel providing energy.

It is easily transported on vacation to use on your hire car, it fits any car and saves energy while you can get into a comfortable vehicle.

Watch the video:

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Monday 24th September 2012

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