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Wednesday 24th October 2012

Water saving is important ecologically and reducing the amount of hot water we use is an important step towards energy saving. The UK’s Energy Saving Trust stated that ‘The largest CO2 emissions from domestic water use in the future are likely to come from showering'.

It is claimed that 20% of our total residential energy usage is from hot water for showering and bathing. That’s over 6 times the energy usage of residential lighting.

An excellent way to reduce water and energy usage is to use the Eco Showerdrop.

Rather than just time you in the shower - alerting you when you have been in there longer than you probably need to be to just get clean and hence reminding you to finish and turn off, the Eco Showerdrop is better as showers use different flow rates, depending on your shower head or if it is a power shower.

The Eco Showerdrop is a universal shower meter with a digital display that through simple graphics lets you know exactly how much water you are using. It has a simple alert to notify you when the recommended amount of water has been dispensed.

The makers, Product Creation Ltd., claim: “The savings can be substantial in both water and energy. For a family of four that could be over £180 a year saved on water and energy bills, as well as over 40,000 litres of water and two thirds of a tonne of carbon!”

Also its very simple to set-up, no installation is needed and no tools are required.

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Wednesday 24th October 2012

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Water saving is really an important issue of concern in today's world. If we did not think on it from now the result will be very harsh in future. développement photo

Commented By Dylan Keyes on Tuesday 11th December 2012 07:15:20