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Thursday 25th October 2012

We’ve all been there, used the nose test for our clothes.

We’ve rolled out of bed, looked round for the first thing to put on, picked up yesterdays t-shirt, given it a good smell and passed it fit for wear, or paled at the smell and tossed it aside!

Albeit a scenario that we recognise, and probably from a weekend or vacation, each day we wish to wear clean, fresh clothes, but as we have pointed out recently in our posts that washing and particularly drying is energy hungry - so don’t wash your clothes and save energy and water - just give them a good airing!

This thought led designer Lisa Marie Bengtsson to come up with a conceptual design that should become a reality - her Bye Bye Laundry clothes hanger.

The Bye Bye Laundry hanger will not get rid of stains and spills, but it will freshen them up for reuse.

Bengtsson reckons that clothes are often overwashed - costing energy and water, she claims that often our clothes just need a good airing - the nose test.

The Bye Bye Laundry hangers are brightly coloured hoops, with a wire hook and house for a glass dome or chamber. The glass chamber contains activated charcoal, treated with oxygen making it highly porous and capable of absorbing the odours from the clothes hanging below. Airing them out, not cleaning them, but if they are not ‘dirty’ do they need washing and drying using up vital water and energy?

The proof of the usefulness of the hangers would be then to use the ‘nose test’ - if it passes put it on!

Bye Bye Laundry by Lisa Marie Bengtsson from Dezeen on Vimeo.

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Thursday 25th October 2012

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