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Friday 26th October 2012

Over the last few months we have posted about many gadgets that can supply power in remote areas or disaster zones, today we bring you something more than a gadget - which is defined as a: “small mechanical device or tool, esp. an ingenious or novel one.” This is ingenious and novel but it ain’t small.

The Uprise Energy Portable Power Center is a self-contained wind turbine unit which folds up but not to go into your rucksack or the back of your car, but into a self contained trailer. It is then designed to fit into a shipping container and a truck to tow it into place.

Uprise Energy developed the 50kW wind energy generator to be portable and it is designed to produce usable power at low wind-speeds.  

The unit is more than just a mast and turbine, as it is programmed to constantly monitor the weather and then adapt to capture the wind energy in the most efficient way. Even if the wind becomes too strong, the on board computer will park the rotor and automatically lower the mast.

As a portable machine it can cheaply be towed into remote areas where its self-erecting and automated set-up systems eases installation and speeds up operation and supply. There is no need for major construction, cranes or expert technicians.

Hence it is ideal for those applications where communities are far off the grid, it is cheap and easy to set up compared to traditional wind turbines, requiring little or no expert onsite presence, providing low cost, renewable energy.

Uprise also claim that apart from generating electricity, the machine is also capable of making water from air and hydrogen from biomass!

To add some flesh to the bones of this contraption, Uprise state that with a 12 mph wind it could power 15 average sized US homes; with 20 mph winds that jumps to 71 homes - and that is average US homes, so imagine what is would do for those in developed countries or for disaster relief efforts?

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Friday 26th October 2012

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