Ping - Some Energy With Your Burrito

Friday 14th September 2012

As you nuke your TV Dinner in the microwave did you realize you are allowing a vital energy source to dissipate into the ether.

Microwaves aren’t smart, they don’t know what they’re cooking, it could be your dinner or it could be defrosting a turkey, whatever it is extra microwaves are going to waste.

So Japanese company DenGyo have come up with what they call the Rectenna - sounds a little personal but  happily in actuality this device gets inserted into the microwave.

It can harvest the unused microwaves and produce energy, using some to power the microwave further. The small device is capable of recovering up to 100 watts of power, about 10% of the energy used to power a normal microwave oven.

DenyGyo have also added a WiFi Rectenna to their range which can convert terrestial and digital TV broadcast signals, or Wi-Fi signals into usable electricity current - albeit microWatts. 

DenGyo’s Rectenna may not power your house, but who knows where this will go, what else will be swept up and converted to usable energy? Time will tell - that’s a thought, could they harvest wasted minutes to convert into some sort of energy?

Here is a video on the WiFi harvester:


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Friday 14th September 2012

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informative yet interesting. nubi nubi

Commented By duane kabanuk on Saturday 15th September 2012 07:32:39